In the name of Allah, we seek help from Him, and praise be to Him, the Creator of this universe. Undoubtedly, education is one of the most important pillars on which success depends and the nation advances in all areas of life.

The pursuit of knowledge is not limited to academic achievement but extends to the student activities that refine the scientific personality and advance applied experiences through the practice of life skills that make our experience rich in innovative contributions and youth creations.

At the College of Pharmacy, we are always keen to listen to the voice of the affiliates and employees, and to enable students to practice the atmosphere of democratic life in accordance with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and based on systematic administrative rules that make our practices and perceptions more creative, strong, diversified, and tolerant, and we also seek to systematically employ knowledge to benefit from the outputs of our students in light of the available capabilities to prepare a future generation to perform its role and mission to the fullest and to enrich our dear country.

We are proud of the local and international achievements of the College’s staff members and students, which stem from the wise leadership of Taif University and the College of Pharmacy, with the ambitious future vision in enriching the record of successes.

                                                               Vice Dean for the Female Section

                                                                     Dr. Iman Youssef Santali