Control and Investigation Committee

It is a committee specialized in studying student irregularities in the college to determine the degree of punishment that the student deserves according to the rules and regulations of the disciplinary regulations at Taif University. The Committee will consider the violations committed by the students and submit them, by the Dean of the College, to the Control and Investigating Committee at the University level.

Functions of the Chairman of the Control and Investigation Committee:

1. Consideration of the offenses referred by the Dean or the heads of departments or faculty members

2 - Control the behavior of students and those in their rule within the college or within any of its facilities.

3. To improve the behavior of dissenting using the available pedagogical methods.

4. Invite those who need to hear their statements from the case parties or heads of departments

5. The adoption of disciplinary sanctions on students who violate the faculty in accordance with the regulations of Taif University.

6. Report the decisions of the Committee to the Dean of the College, and then to the Standing Disciplinary Committee at the University