Strategic Planning Unit


To implement the strategic planning concept in all departments and units of the college

Vision :

To advance the teaching and learning process through strategic planning


1. Spreading the concept of strategic planning among faculty members and staff at the college

2. Formulate the vision and mission of the college and formulate the main objectives of the college within a clear ethical framework and propose mechanisms for implementing these goals

3. Review the College's vision, mission, values ​​and objectives, and rephrase it whenever necessary.

4. Comprehensive analysis of the internal and external environment of the College with the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

5. Prepare the proposal for the strategic plan of the college and contribute to its development.

6. Preparation and follow-up implementation of operational plans to ensure their balance with strategic objectives.

7. The development of principles and controls to manage and guide the strategic processes at the college.