: Wokshop on the Bright Future for Pharmacist in Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Medical Biotechnology - Job Opportunities and Postgraduate Studies

Date : 2021-10-20 Time : 19:00:00
place : كلية الصيدلة - جامعة الطائف

In the interest of the College of Pharmacy at Taif University to develop the capabilities and skills of the students and believing in the leading role of the College in educating and raising the efficiency of all students in the health field, the Student Professional Development Committee at the College of Pharmacy, Taif University, headed by Her Excellency Dr. Ohood Al-Malki, held a workshop entitled “A bright future for the pharmacist in Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Medical Biotechnology - Career and Postgraduate Opportunities”.

This is in order to open new scientific and practical horizons for the Pharm. D. graduates into a bright and promising future. The workshop was presented by Dr. Shaima Wagdy - Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy - Branch of Pharmaceutical Microbiology at the Faculty.