Department of fashion design and textiles


About the Department
The implementation of the program of fashion design and weaving to "the implementation of graduates of the best in the field of fashion and painting." At the end of the program graduates will be able to develop skills and medicines and upgrading wool, dyes, body care, fabrics, oils, fabrics, essential oils, health, biological and chemical categories of age and various occasions,

The department seeks to develop and modernize scientific research and follow modern scientific methods in the design and production of fashion and fabric, in all aspects and strive to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030 for self-sufficiency in the fashion and textile industry.

Fields of work for graduates
Work can be done in several areas, including:
1. Teaching academic work in universities, public education and vocational education.
2. Appointment of specialized research centers for the production of textiles with special specifications.
3. Admission to the General Organization for Standardization and Saudi Standards.
4. Working in the fields of small projects in the production of clothing and upholstery.
5. In the field of training centers for quality control and development.
6. Free work in vocational training in the field of garments and furnishings.
7. Work in fashion design and participation in theaters.
8. Working in garment factories and woven furnishings of all kinds

To contact the department:
     The Department of Applied Arts and Design at Taif University is located in Building (13) Second Floor (Room 20)
To contact the head of the department; dr. samira elotiby
Reference No. 3785
Secretary of Department:Maha AL-Qurashi
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