Academic Advising Unit

Academic Guidance Committee in the department:


It is a committee formed by the dean of the college from several members selected from the faculty members in the concerned department. All faculty members must participate in the academic advising process without exception. The academic advising process is at the core of the faculty member’s work, and all its applied aspects must be known to provide a relevant service. High quality and each faculty determine the number of new students for each academic advisor directly in each academic department.

Goals of Academic Advising Unit at the college:

The role of the Academic Advising Unit is based on providing the necessary guidance to students of all categories during their undergraduate studies, in pursuit of the following goals:

1- Preparing students to recognize and adapt to university life.

2- Providing students with correct information about the college, educational policies, study resources, and programs.

3- Helping students to choose the appropriate major according to their potential and interests scientific, and labor market needs.

4- Paying attention to talented and talented students and providing what would enhance their capabilities and support their creativity.

5- Taking care of students with low academic achievement, taking care of them, and following them up until they rise to their academic level.

6- Providing advice and assistance to students with academic problems.

7- Activating and following up on the role of academic advisors in the college.


Members of the committee formed for the academic year 1444-1445 under the chairmanship of the Dean of the College and under the supervision of the Supervisor of the College, Dr. Rasha Alwan, and the membership of:

  • College Vice Dean/ Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Duqail, Vice-President of the Unit in the Male Section
  • The Vice Dean/ Dr. Faten Yanksari, Vice President of the Unit in the Female Section
  • Coordinator of the Academic Advising Unit, Department of Arts / Dr. Hayam Al-Adawi
  • Coordinator of the Academic Advising Unit, Department of Fashion and Textile Design/Prof. Nibras Issa
  • Coordinator of the Academic Advising Unit, Department of Interior Design/Dr. Rasha Alwan
  • Coordinator of the Academic Advising Unit in the Graphic Design Department/ Prof. Esraa is good
  • Coordinator of the Academic Advising Unit, Male Section/ Dr. Hamed Azab