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About the Department

Graphic Design Department is one of the recently included within art and design schools in the Kingdom and in the Arab world. It is based on a set of applied art courses focused on 2D and 3D graphic programs, computer science, programming languages for front end web design, where modern technological means are dealt with in all courses and all the latest developments in the field of specialization

Fields of work for graduates

Graduates of Graphic Design when tthey compleeted all cridet hours needed for program expected to be qualified to work in:
- Design studios, cultural institutions and media companies as graphic designers of the first and middle level.
- Working in press institutions and print and electronic publishing houses
- Working in the profession of free photography and photojournalism and media
- Working in marketing and advertising institutions

The Integration of the educational process and product implementing the mission of the institution:

Graphic, advertising and television design
Animation design and movies
Planning and designing adverizing campaigns and websites
Organization and coordination of exhibitions and show windows
Publishing magazines, newspapers and digital and printed book

Environmental Graphic Design, Signage Design and Wayfinding

Digital photography for research, awareness, print and electronic media

Program Opjectives

This program aims to prepare young professions with creative abilities and capabilities in the fields of graphic design, where the content of the program focuses on the process of design, creative and strategic thinking.

The program emphasizes on the effective cultural role of graphic design in society through the various practices in the fields of study and courses that help the students to gain practical experience in the fields of design and advertising arts, photography, printing, editing and publishing of printed and digital press and design of trademarks, Films, informatics and photography, and gain experience to deal with different conditions, vision systems, morphology, meanings, eathics and art appreciation to serve the purpose of design to ensure the highest possible benefit Both at the technical, creative, social development and awareness levels.

The principles of business and professional practices necessary for successful design work will also be recognized. The study is based on specialized computer programs for each field to enhance learning and develop the necessary skills in the field.

The objectives can be set as follows:

  1. Providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to produce designs in multiple fields to enhance their creative and intellectual abilities

  2. Providing the students with the research skills and the ability to discover and develop the continuous self through the use of sources of access to knowledge and learning facilities.

  3. Linking specialization with scientific and technical developments and management of cultural, artistic and social centers.

  4. Encourage students to contribute to community service and awareness in various issues facing society.

  5. Dealing positively with the development plans in the Kingdom

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Department Secretary: Aisha AL-Thamali