Admission and Registration Committee

It is a specialized committee in coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration to overcome all difficulties that may hinder the process of completing the placement of study schedules for the students of the department, and to review all the details related to it, such as the number of students in the classes, the determination of the classrooms, the division of the overgrown classes, and the placement of faculty members.

The Schedules Committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Dean of the College and under the supervision of the College Committee Supervisor, Dr. Manal Al-Shami, with the membership of:

  • Vice Dean/Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Duqail, Vice-President of the Unit in the Male Section
  • Vice Dean/Dr. Faten Yanksari, deputy head of the unit in the female section
  • Coordinator of the Schedules Committee in the Arts Department / Dr. Rania Abdel Mohsen Ghanem
  • Coordinator of the Schedules Committee in the Department of Fashion and Textile Design/Dr. Huda Saladin
  • Coordinator of the Schedules Committee in the Interior Design Department/Dr. Manal Al-Shami
  • Coordinator of the Tables Committee in the Graphic Design Department / Dr. Susan heat
  • Coordinator of the schedules committee in the students' section / Dr. Hamed Azab