Department of Interior Design

Introduction to the section

The program Vision 

The Department of Interior Design, in coordination with the college administration and in accordance with the university’s policies, seeks to adopt methods to achieve quantitative and qualitative development for the department, develop study programs and increase student capacity. The Interior Design Department has an ambition for excellence through which it moves the field of interior design, scientific research and total quality, as the department seeks to prepare a graduate who fits the needs of the labor market in the field of interior design in the Kingdom, which gives opportunities to effectively develop the professional skills needed in the labor market.

The department is also working on developing curricula and courses in the department, working on preparing the study environment in the department, providing administrative and academic performance aids in the department, and establishing more studios to accommodate the academic expansion of the department and the work of organizing and participating in workshops, conferences and seminars at the local and regional levels, achieving development in the community by encouraging Supporting the spirit of creativity and innovation to create a distinctive internal environment that achieves the targeted outputs visually and functionally, raising society’s awareness of the importance of designing the internal environment that reflects the principles and values ​​of Saudi society and meets its needs and requirements.

The interior design program is one of the basic tracks and branches of design science and applied arts, and through it, distinguished graduates are prepared in the field of interior design (designing various residential, commercial, tourism or health care projects, furniture design, drawing with design programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3D max, design studios in television channels and theaters, training in drawing and design programs) qualified with the latest methods of design technology and the ability to continuously interact with society through research and applied studies and enrich knowledge of human and behavioral factors related to interior design in the light of the vision of the Crown Prince 2030.

Program message:

Preparing distinguished and qualified cadres with the latest educational and technical methods in the field of interior design, with the ability to enhance community participation through applied research, with an emphasis on national identity and professional ethics.

Program Goals:

1- Providing students with the appropriate knowledge, skills and values ​​for their lifelong professional development in the field of interior design.
2- Establishing the skills and concepts necessary for correct and distinguished practice in the field of interior design work.

3- Building expertise in the technical and operational aspects in the field of interior design.

4- Enriching knowledge of human and behavioral factors related to the field of interior design.

5- Develop the skills of creative thinking, problem solving, self-learning, team leadership and working within a team in the field of interior design.

6- Enhancing community partnership in the field of interior design through applied research and participation in community projects.

Characteristics of the graduates of the program:

1- Familiarity with basic knowledge, theories and skills in the field of interior design.

2- Conducting the necessary design and engineering studies for projects using modern technologies in the field of interior design.

3- Applying research projects in the field of interior design, while adhering to academic and professional values ​​and ethics.

4- The ability to solve design problems in creative and innovative future ways to meet the needs of society.

5- Critical thinking, self-evaluation, ideas presentation skills, communication, persuasion, teamwork and professional self-development.

Fields of work for graduates of the department
 Professions / jobs for which students are qualified:

Interior Designer :
A- He designs various projects, which are residential, commercial, tourism, health care or exhibition projects.

B- He designs studios for television channels and theatres.

C - designs furniture and decoration.

 D- A faculty member in universities with specialization.

E - a trainer on engineering drawing and design programs.

Interior design technician:
A - Works on modern engineering design programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3D max.

To contact the department: Dr. Dalal Salih Alshomrany

Department Secretary: Lamia Al-Thaqafi