Department of Arts

 About the Departement

The arts program is an educational and research program that has a leadership and a source of innovation and creativity. It has a radical influence in society and the arts department is designed to produce students and students with the ability to innovate and innovate in designs, arts, handicrafts and handicrafts in order to meet the needs of the labor market and contribute to building a competitive knowledge society. Comprehensive development in accordance with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030 and embraces all the talent of the net that wishes to develop its talent

Fields of work for graduates
  1. Work in the field of art design offices (advertising, print, posters).
  2. Work in the field of community service institutions and centers
  3. Working in the field of establishing small technical projects that contribute to raising the economic level
  4. Work in the field of exhibitions and participation in charitable societies.
  5. Work in the field of technical design for television, theater and exhibition fairs.
  6. Work in the field of art designs for jewelry, jewelry and other crafts.
  7. Work in the implementation of designs for modern inventions for their owners
Program Objectives
1. Prepare graduates with technical expertise with high skills in the field of technical specialties.
2. The pace of global scientific development in the curricula and curricula of the arts programs to maintain a distinguished educational system and advanced technology
3. Develop the infrastructure of the department and provide material resources to ensure the quality of the educational process.
4. Completion of the human resources of the faculty members of the Department of Arts and the administrative staff and technicians with the highest degree of professional competence.
5. Develop an integrated and distinct scientific research system supported by advanced technology and linking the graduate studies to the needs of the Saudi labor market in the fields of arts specialization.
6. Effective participation in the service and development of the Saudi community and support environmental services and provide a safe environment for the participation of students of the arts program in the activities of the community.
7. Communicate with the corresponding scientific institutions inside and outside the country through communication and exchange of scientific and knowledge experiences.
8. Enhancing the links between the College and the different segments of society through the establishment of bridges of scientific and technical cooperation and exchange of experiences.
Integrating the educational process and educational product with the mission of the institution
1. The University's mission emphasizes the preparation of graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to support development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the international environment and those with skills that meet the requirements of work.
2. This program will help graduates of the department to have innovations, creations and products in their environment to achieve the vision of the program.
Preparing specialized technical cadres of female students in the arts department to serve the community in various technical fields in accordance with Islamic law

To contact the department
Department Head: Dr. Faisal Al-Zahrani

Ext: 2586

Department Secretary: Prof. Muhammad Al-Thubaiti