Tests and Measurements Unit

Tests and Measurements Unit
In an effort from the administration of the College of Designs and Applied Arts towards controlling the process of tests and measurements in the college in accordance with the applicable regulations, quality requirements and academic accreditation, the Tests and Measurements Unit was established to play the role of supervising and organizing the testing process in the college in cooperation with the scientific departments and college units.
Vision :
Organizing exams in the college with the highest quality standards.

the message:
Implementation of an integrated system in the management and organization of exams in accordance with the requirements of quality and academic accreditation.

The unit aims to supervise and organize exams in the college in accordance with the regulations for studying and exams for the undergraduate level and to achieve quality and academic accreditation requirements.

mission :

  • Ensure the readiness of the final exam halls in terms of lighting, ventilation, seat safety and all that is needed for the final exam.
  • Preparing the college final exam schedule in coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  • Announcing the final exam schedule after its final approval for both students and faculty members.
  • Preparing a schedule for the distribution of halls for the final exam according to the approved schedule.
  • Preparing the schedule for distributing the control committees for the final exam according to the approved schedule.
  • Supervising the conduct of the final test and taking all measures that would secure the conduct of the test and provide all appropriate conditions for that.
  • Follow up the implementation of the university's testing and standards policies in all the college's programs.
  • Implementation of procedures for verifying the quality of the test paper for all college exams and attaching the necessary report on it to the college deanship.
  • Supervising the conduct of the in-person examinations conducted by the college and ensuring their application of the required quality standards.
  • Follow-up on the implementation of procedures related to cases of cheating, as well as emergency cases that occur to students during the final examination, in accordance with the applicable regulations and rules.

The Tests, Measurement and Evaluation Unit has been formed and is linked organizationally and administratively to the Dean of the College and procedurally to the supervisor.
The Department of Measurement and Evaluation at the University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs and Development headed by the Dean of the College and under the supervision of a supervisor

The unit in the college, the vice dean, Dr. Faten Yanksari, and the membership of:

  • Vice Dean/Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Duqail, Deputy Head of the Unit, Student Section
  • Vice Dean/Dr. Faten Yanksari, deputy head of the unit in the female section
  • College Tests Unit Coordinator/Dr. Rasha Hindawi
  • Coordinator of the Exams Unit in the Art Department/Dr. Reham Elaraby
  • Coordinator of the Examinations Unit in the Fashion Design Department / Ms. Salma Al-Shehri
  • Coordinator of the tests unit in the Department of Interior Design d. Hana Shawky
  • Examinations Unit Coordinator, Graphic Design Department/ Ms. Amani Al-Zahrani

Examination Unit Coordinator - Male Section/ Dr. Hamed Azab