History of the College

The College of Design and Applied Arts was founded in the beginning under the name of Design and Home Economics at Taif University in 1429/1430 AH (when the Supreme Decree No. 10209 / B was issued on 30/12/1429 AH approving the University's proposal to establish five new colleges, including the College of Design and Home Economics).

The college consisted of six different disciplines (nutrition and food science, housing management, family institutions, clothing and textiles, arts, interior design, and electronic drawing). Three departments were activated in 1431 / 1432H: housing management and family institutions, interior design and electronic drawing. The nutrition and food science department was activated in the academic year 1432 / 1433H. The arts, clothing and textile departments were activated in 1434-1435 AH. The Council of Taif University approved in its session No. 25 dated 25/8/1438 AH the restructuring of the College of Design and Applied Arts.

The Minister of Education approved the restructuring decision in letter No. 1039 dated 20/9/1438 AH to suit the needs of the labor market. The Department of Applied Arts and Applied Arts has been amended to include four Departements: Interior Design, Fashion Design and Textile,  Fine Arts and Graphic Design.