Systems and software development

The Department of Systems and Software Development works to promote the use of electronic, academic, administrative and financial systems and to build and develop electronic programs that would contribute to building a knowledge society.

To implement the vision of the Deanship of e-Learning and Information Technology by providing integrated and secure software solutions to support the academic, financial and administrative system in line with the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030 in terms of the electronic and technical aspects.

 The Department of Systems and Programs seeks to develop, support and transfer knowledge through the building of systems with the latest technologies in accordance with international standards, including the promotion of the sustainable development efforts of Taif University.

To enrich the technical content of the University of Taif through a number of innovative tools and tools and software solutions to cope with the huge global technological development and the great technological breakthrough and digital transformation that the Kingdom is currently witnessing through the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Function of departement 

  1. Management and support of the academic system for students and faculty members.
  2. Manage and support the financial and administrative system.
  3. Manage and support the mission management system.
  4. Management and support of the contract system.
  5. Management and technical support for the academic extension system.
  6. Management and technical support for the university housing system.
  7. Management and technical support system of the Committee for the Protection of Students' Rights.
  8. Management and technical support for the academic accreditation system.
  9. Management and technical support for the academic achievement system.
  10. Manage and support the technical system questionnaire.
  11. Management and technical support for the system of establishing and developing the job file for teaching staff members.
  12. Coordinating with the implementing agencies of the financial, administrative and academic systems projects, receiving, managing and preparing reports for them.
  13. Preparing periodic reports on financial, administrative and academic systems, which contributes to decision making as well as statistics work.
  14. Coordination and follow-up with deanships and university departments
  15. Holding training workshops in coordination with the training unit of the Deanship
  16. Responding to inquiries of students, faculty members and employees regarding the systems and programs established for deanships and departments
  17. Support all channels of communication of the department.
  18. Provide advice to students, faculty and staff on how systems and programs work.
  19. Cooperation with the other departments of the Deanship in implementing the vision and mission of the Deanship

Section units

  1. Software and Systems Analysis Unit.
  2. Programming and Development Unit and Reports.
  3. Software Testing Unit.


The systems and programs that the department supports:

  1. The academic system.
  2. Financial system.
  3. Management System.
  4. Warehouse system and inventory management.

The systems and programs established by the department are based on technical and technical support:

  1. Fingerprint management system.
  2. Mission Management System.
  3. Contract system.
  4. Academic Extension System.
  5. University Housing System.
  6. The Committee for the Protection of Students' Rights.
  7. Academic accreditation system.
  8. Academic Achievement System.
  9. Questionnaire system.
  10. System creation and development of file functionality.