Web Application


The department manages the different systems at the university and provides the university staff with the powers to enter them to benefit from the services in these systems


Simplification of access to existing services of university systems

Depatement Tasks 

  1. Analysis and development of the university's website and the services included therein.

  2. Analysis and development of electronic systems on the portal of electronic services.

  3. Link SMS services to various systems at the university.

  4. Development and development of API Platform, Web Services to connect all Web services. And various platforms.

  5. Follow-up and resolution of technical problems in the portal of electronic services and related systems.

  6. Work on managing and tracking all smart phone applications.

  7. Collection of required data on the application / Internet applications assigned by the department

  8. Requirements analysis for web applications

  9. Establishment of the project / project implementation schedule

  10. Design of project / project databases

  11. Test the program in terms of its safety from errors as well as the speed of performance and integrity of source code security

  12. Follow up any errors during program implementation and repair as well as in any previous programs performed by the department

  13.  Participation of other units to achieve the strategy of the Deanship of Information Technology.

  14. Developing the University's website, electronic services and the internal portal of the university.

  15. Carry out all administrative matters related to the unit.

  16. Cooperation with other departments in the implementation of the vision and mission of the Deanship

  17. Preparation of periodic reports on completed work

Deaprtement Units 

It is divided into three main units:

  1. Unit of systems analysts

  2. Web developers

  3. Web designers

  4. Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses

Functions of the Systems Analyst Unit

  1. Study the needs of beneficiaries to build and develop systems and applications.

  2. Collect information about the system through users, documents, regulations and instructions related to the system.

  3. Determining how to enter, store, process and distribute data on links.

  4. Preparation of the analytical study of the system to contain the objectives and determinants of the system and data flow map.

  5. Identify input and reporting programs (output programs) and view and update to be comprehensive user requirements.

  6. Determine the relationship of the system with other systems.

  7. Preparation of technical specifications for programs to be programmed by the programmer in one of the programming languages.

  8. Examine the programs that the programmer writes and ensure that they conform to the specifications.

  9. Develop solutions to obtain information from stored data.

  10. Re-examination of operating systems that do not meet user requirements and re-development.

  11. Distribution of work to programmers.

Functions of web developer Unit

  1. Receiving system analysis from system analysts

  2. Writing code for programs to implement requirements

  3. Test the program in terms of its safety of errors as well as speed of performance

  4. Fix errors in the program if any and retest

  5. Follow up any errors during program implementation and repair as well as in any previous programs performed by the department

Function of web Designers Unit

  1. Detailed site specifications

  2. Design page formats including text size and color

  3. Design graphics, animations and digital images

  4. Provide preliminary design ideas for work

  5. Working with different content management systems

  6. Design and ensure the compatibility of visual images of the website

  7. Check content and make changes as necessary

  8. Edit content, debug code and redesign web pages

  9. Working with other web specialists, including web developers and graphic designers

  • Continuous professional development to keep abreast of new software developments.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses Unit 

 This unit is responsible for the intelligence of the business and data warehouses and all the stages associated with them from the quality and cleanliness of data and the extraction and retrieval of data from the databases and files of various evidence and loaded in the data warehouse and also the creation of dashboard Dashboard that help the different units of the University to take It also has the responsibility to manage and operate all programs used in business intelligence operations and data warehouses at different levels.

Unit functions

  1. Supervising the data warehouses and making sure that they are available for various reports

  2. Supervising the software used in the creation of Dashboards and reports

  3. Communicate with the beneficiaries to design and develop dashboards, reports and performance indicators to help make decisions.

  4. Ensure that databases are updated with new evidence periodically

  5. Ensure the quality and cleanliness of evidence before loading them to the data repositories

  6. Determine the requirements for extracting and loading data on data repositories

  7. Design, development and testing of data extraction processes from different systems and databases

  8. Design, develop and test pre-load data validation and customization processes in the data warehouse

  9. Design, develop and test processes for loading primary and periodic data in a data warehouse