Services and Technical support


The Department of Maintenance and Technical Support in any party serves as the main interface of the Information Technology Center as the first and basic factor in communicating with the users of the computer by answering their inquiries and requests and finding appropriate solutions to the problems that occur on computers and peripherals. In order to develop the department and develop the proposed solutions for the advancement of the department,we Write this piece of the section to contribute to the advancement of development.


  • Work to complete the replacement of old computers with modern equipment in line with the rapid and rapid development with computer technology

  • Utilizing all modern facilities and equipment to serve the university employees, including converting all technical support operations to remote operations.

Departement Tasks

  1.  Receive and repair fault reports on the computer network and personal computers.
  2. Implement maintenance programs for personal computers, networks and accessories.
  3. Ensure that operating systems and software are updated periodically.
  4. Study and analyze faults and find appropriate solutions.
  5. Coordinating with the Department of Female Students in solving the technical problems of the computer.
  6. Provide weekly reports and discuss with the supervisor and specialists to solve the problems of users and systems.
  7. Provide technical support for all programs approved for work in universities or departments of administration.
  8. Setting up technical support department controls and instructions.
  9. To propose mechanisms for the continuous development and modernization of related equipment and equipment at the University.
  10. Installation and maintenance of computers and hardware and software failures.
  11. Installation, definition and maintenance of computer accessories from printers, scanners and others.
  12. Direct and train users in dealing with computers and software.
  13. Connect and connect computers to networks to increase utilization.
  14. Installation and installation of barcode devices and printers for the archiving system.
  15. Providing technical support services of all types to the beneficiaries in the university, whether in the Deanship of Information Technology or in the field outside the Deanship of all the facilities of the University.
  16. Integration of computers through networks within the University Domain.
  17. Prepare printer and file sharing through the local network within the university between faculty and staff groups.
  18. Preparing the new equipment with the university's programs and then handing them over to the warehouse management to distribute them according to need.