1. Striving to establish a smart university city and apply best practices in providing high quality services.
  2.  Providing the information environment and research databases in support of scientific research and electronic publishing.
  3. Establishment of infrastructure for networks, central operating systems and information security to build smart environment systems.
  4. Providing technical support services to university employees, achieving customer satisfaction for all services, and ensuring total quality.
  5. Develop and build intelligent e-learning systems and solutions.
  6. Attracting and building a cadre capable of creativity, and active participation in the work of the Deanship.
  7. Training the users of the systems applied at the university in all administrative and educational departments.
  8. Continuous development of IT standards and procedures used throughout the university.
  9. The processing and management of global seminars and conferences and the provision of services to meet the general need.
  10. To contribute to raising the level of information for university staff through the provision of training courses outside and within the university in coordination with the best institutes and companies with competence.
  11. to develop future expansion plans in accordance with strategic plans and strive to achieve the highest levels of quality in accordance with the overall strategic plan of the University.
  12. Ensure the quality of e-learning and distance education in colleges.
  13.  Developing the capabilities of the university employees in the field of e-learning and distance learning.
  14. Provide a technical electronic environment conducive to learning.
  15. Participate with university colleges in providing distance learning programs