Electronic Transactions


Automate all university work to become a paperless university.


An integrated electronic system that deals with the daily work related to the university departments so that it can be transferred from a manual trading environment to an electronic trading environment, including the following:

  1. Administrative Communications.

  2. Electronic archiving.

  3. Procedures of the work process

  4. system councils


  1. Completely complete administrative communication work and transfer from a manual work environment to an electronic trading environment.

  2. Facilitate, organize and speed up the registration and processing of official transactions and all associated operations from coordination and follow-up in all departments, deanships, faculties and branches of the University.
  3. Supporting the role of decision-makers in the university to control the flow of transactions and information received in the least time and effort possible.
  4. The establishment and establishment of university electronic archiving through the classification and indexing of all documents.
  5. Building a unified database for different types of content (paper mail, fax, documents, pictures)
  6. Providing multiple ways to search for and facilitate the electronic content required by road security.
  7. The implementation of university procedures in electronic form in stages.
  8. Implementation of the procedures of the councils electronically
  9. Fast and easy business completion.

Departement Tasks 

1- Supervise the operation and management of the following systems:

- Administrative communication system (correspondence)

- System of work procedures

- Electronic archiving system

- Board system

- Technical Support System

  1. Training and transfer of knowledge to the employees of the university on all the systems of electronic transactions.

  2. Providing technical support to the users of electronic transactions systems.

  3. Supervising the implementation of the services provided by the program of electronic government transactions "pleased".

  4. Gathering and measuring the data for the measurement programs implemented by the Yesser program, in the light of which the electronic services provided by the University are evaluated.

  5. Supervising the provision of services and automated connectivity with other government agencies and coordination with other departments of the Deanship.

  6. Cooperation with other departments of the Deanship in the implementation of the vision and mission of the Deanship