Achievements of the Deanship

The Deanship of e-Learning is working hard to complete the projects that are being implemented, thus relying on a distinguished internal work team capable of operating, maintaining and developing the works associated with these projects.

  1. Provide infrastructure and backup system operation of the main and alternative information center, the goal of the project is to increase the number of servers and storage capacity and improve the efficiency of infrastructure
  2. Completion of the Load Reseller Project for the Information Center to combat the denial of service attacks and improve the performance of the regulations in force at the University
  3. Completion of the IT Infrastructure Gap Project to protect the infrastructure and detect gaps in the University's systems and sites and databases
  4. Implementing the main and secondary distribution network for the networks of Taif University and its branches in order to improve the quality of supporting technological services
  5. Implementation of optical fiber and the requirements of building networks at all the headquarters of Taif University and its branches
  6. Work on the preparation of educational studios to improve the teaching process
  7. Providing computers for faculty members
  8. Completion of the computer project for people with special needs equipped with the latest technology
  9. Completion of the specialized laboratories project for the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology
  10.  Implementation of the computer project
  11. The main protocol building is equipped with the latest access and control devices and printers
  12. Completion of the Scanners project to enable documents to enable users to convert documents and images to files handled by the computer to be processed, saved, printed and archived
  13. Implementation of the attendance and departure project for Taif University employees and employees
  14. Start with a text messaging system that enables text messages to be sent to the university campuses to keep them updated on the most important changes affecting their accounts on electronic systems.
  15. Implementation of a number of applications that serve the employees of the university such as the implementation of the Committee to protect the rights of students and the application of the system of the registry and the application of laboratory equipment and the system of medical clinics