The department aims to build, develop, maintain and operate the digital infrastructure of the Taif University data network with all its headquarters and branches, and to provide the requirements of the digital infrastructure of servers, wired and wireless networks, telephone and digital communication devices and information security services for all university departments, 7 and be careful to be safe and stable


  1. Provide a technical infrastructure capable of delivering the required electronic services as fast and efficient as possible

  2. Provide information centers capable of hosting electronic services

  3. Application of the highest standards of information security

  4. To maintain continuity of services and to ensure that there is no interruption in electronic services.

Departement Tasks 

  1. Provide, manage and operate a high-speed wired and wireless data network serving all Taif University premises and buildings.

  2. Providing high-speed Internet access to all employees of the university

  3. Monitoring the continuity and performance of the data network

  4. Providing access to the university's electronic services from inside and outside the university

  5. Providing e-mail service to university employees

  6. Management of Internet connection lines of Taif University

  7. Management, operation and maintenance of university servers.

  8. Management, operation and maintenance of information centers at Taif University

  9. Providing advanced technical services to the Deanship of Information Technology Deanship

  10. Providing the necessary security and protection for the devices and data of Taif University.

  11. Management, operation and maintenance of central data storage units

  12. Management, operation, maintenance and backup units for university servers and data

  13. Providing the latest means of visual communication for the transfer of meetings and lectures video and audio

  14. Technical supervision of the implementation of projects related to infrastructure and information security.

  15. Ensuring the application of the procedures and policies of the department

  16. The documentation works of the department

Departement Units 

The departement is divide to five unints namely: 

  1. Data center unit

  2. Computer Networks Unit

  3. Operating System Unit

  4. Cabling Management

  5. Unit educational studios

  6. Wireless