Design and Creative Forum Report

Date : 2018-11-11 Time : 09:00:00
place : جامعة الطائف حوية بنات

Design and Creative Forum Report

This forum is consists of a number of lectures , workshops, and forums this forum is to be continiue for two weeks, which are conducted by faculty members. each department presents lechtures for two full days

Dr. Hind Abdul Ghaffar, Dean of the College and Dr. Noura Al Dajjani, Vice Dean of the College, opened the first day of the meeting on Sunday 3/3/1440 H. The Dean and the vice dean of the College gave an opening speech to the meeting.


First Secion

Fashion and Texstile

First Day:

1- Seminar on creativity in the field of textile and clothing and its economic and social dimensions

from 9.10 am to 11 pm
Presented by Dr. Nahal al - Ghandour

Topics of the Seminar:

  1. An overview of what creativity is

  2. Innovations in the field of textile and clothing

  3. Positive effects of creativity in society  (Socio-economic)

2- Workshop entitled "Employing technique (origami) in the work of various fashion designs"
from 11 am to 1 pm
Presented by A / Oud Rajeh

Objective of effectiveness:

  1.  The definition of technology and its importance to students in general
  2. Take advantage of Japanese paper folding technique in fashion design.
  3. Highlight some methods that can be used instead of fabrics
  4. The definition of technology through videos that open to the student prospects for research and increase in this area.
  5. Eliminate traditional design and try to take advantage of different techniques and employ them in fashion design
  6. Innovation of modern designs of Japanese technology.
  7. Use the configuration on the manicans with sophisticated methods.

Few pictures of the workshop