Dean's office

Dean's office
Organically related to the Dean, and perform all administrative work for the Dean, and it includes:

1. Saad Al-Kharji, Office Manager
2. Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi, Administrative Communications Unit
3. Salem Al-Zahrani, Administrative Communications Unit
4. Faraj Mohammed, secretarial unit
5. Fahad Al-Khalidi, the secretarial unit

Office Manager:
1. Receiving and organizing the presentation of transactions to the Dean according to their priority, and implementing the Dean's directives on them.
2. Receiving and preparing responses to confidential transactions addressed to the Dean.
3. Preparing letters and responding to transactions with the signature of the Dean, and coordinating with specialists in the Deanship to prepare files and information necessary to prepare responses to transactions.
4. Preparing brochures for the deanship and university projects that require technical and programmatic equipment, according to the forms of the government bidding and procurement system, in coordination with the University's Procurement, Tenders and Contracts Department.
5. Preparing the minutes of the Deanship's Technical Committee.
6. Counting and sorting the applications and needs of all university bodies for computers and their accessories.
7. Following up on the transactions that the Dean directs to follow up according to the degree of priority and importance for each of them.
8. Communicate with the authorities related to the work of the dean, inside and outside the deanship.
9. Supervising the work of the employees of the office, and distributing tasks among them.

Administrative Communications Unit:
1. Receiving and printing incoming and outgoing transactions addressed to the dean in the correspondence system.
2. Distribute paper and electronic transactions within the Deanship as directed by the Dean.
3. Exporting and sending the transactions and circulars issued by the Dean and following them up as directed.
4. Save and archive all transactions according to the approved standards and in a way that can be retrieved.
5. Responding to the secretarial unit's inquiries and auditors regarding transactions.

Secretarial Unit:
1. Organizing the dates of visits and meetings of the Dean.
2. Receive auditors, communicate with them, and arrange reception dates for the Dean.
3. Coordinate the dates of committees and bodies' meetings with the Dean.
4. Managing the dean's agenda for future periods, and keeping him informed of it on an ongoing basis as new developments.
5. Follow up on the decisions of the Dean, follow up the disbursement of his dues, and organize his reservations.