Strategic initiatives of e-learning in achieving the objectives of the university

date of publication : 2018-11-27


Taif University has unveiled its e-learning plan, which includes 12 integrated initiatives, which will be implemented with the participation of the university's deanships, colleges and units.
The university organized a workshop to discuss e-learning plan and initiatives 2022, which aims at keeping pace with the changes in the Kingdom, linking it to the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and the National Transition 2020 project, based on adopting e-learning as a strategic option to improve the educational process.
In his comments on the plan and initiatives presented during the workshop, the Director of Taif University Dr. Hossam bin Abdulwahab Zaman stressed the need to adhere to the objectives of the four-year timetable for all initiatives, so that the initiative can be evaluated six months or one year after the launch. Desired at this stage or not.
"We are still at this university at the end of the school year, and after months of work, achievements, activities and activities, we gather to talk about future plans and discuss development work," said Dr. Zaman.
In this regard, Dr. Zaman pointed out that the workshop on discussing e-learning plan and initiatives 2022 is part of other workshops to come.
For his part, the Dean of e-learning and information technology at Taif University, Dr. Fawaz Al-Asiri, said that the workshop aimed at discussing the e-learning plan 2022, which includes a set of initiatives related to e-learning, which emanates from the general objectives of the university.
Dr. Al-Assiri thanked Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Asri, the University's Academic Affairs and Development Affairs Affairs, for his constant follow-up and his efforts in e-learning initiatives, some of which have already begun to be implemented.
The Dean of e-Learning and Information Technology confirmed that all colleges, deanships and units in the university work side by side in a team spirit with the Deanship of e-Learning and Information Technology to achieve the objectives of e-learning initiatives.
The workshop presented a series of presentations on the strategic objectives of the e-learning plan and initiatives at Taif University and an explanation of the initiatives and the mechanism of implementation.
The strategic objectives include improving the quality and outcomes of education by enabling the university to implement modern education strategies based on optimal employment of technology in the educational process,
Improving the quality of electronic courses and enriching educational content.
These objectives include increasing the efficiency of human resources and infrastructure by improving the quality of e-learning services, developing human resources and raising the competencies of the university employees.
The initiatives presented during the workshop included: the virtual transformation initiative in the teaching of theoretical courses, the e-achievement initiative, the virtualization initiative, the establishment of the electronic content development unit, the launching of the educational statistics and analysis system and the establishment and operation of a photography studio and editing educational videos.
The initiatives included: the initiative to increase the efficiency of computer labs within the faculties, the direct technical support system initiative and the establishment of a knowledge base, and the initiative of the distance training platform for university staff, the e-learning Excellence Award for faculty members, , And the "e-learner" training program.