Research Unit


The Research   and Postgraduates Unit was founded to develop and enhance the scientific research in different medical fields and to develop the staff research capacities to the international level.

The research unit has been created to increase academic excellence while retaining and building on our existing national and international presence.

It also conducts seminars, conferences and workshops from time to time to staff members and medical students to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and to increase the awareness of proposal writing, research conduction, and fund raising.

Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals


The Scientific Research Unit-College of Medicine aims to be recognized as one of the outstanding national reference entities in the area of scientific researches and training.


The Scientific Research Unit at the College of Medicine plans to increase the awareness of researchers about the proposal writing, conducting and publishing of scientific research, as well as increasing the fund raising capacities. In addition to contributing with others to develop preventive and therapeutic plans in the era of evidence based medicine. 


Strategic Goals of the Scientific Research Unit

  1. Determine the strategic objectives for scientific researches and conduct biomedical researches using the most advanced technology.
  2. Develop the state of art for the scientific researches.
  3. Develop the scientific research capacities and encourage team work activities.
  4. Develop the students' scientific research capacities and innovation.
  5. Initiate and support scientific collaborations with different medical sectors.

Policies and Procedures:

  1. Conduct workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of scientific research.
  2. Renew the medical curriculum of the College of Medicine by implementing a research methodology course side by side with the curriculum committee.
  3. Initiate and conduct scientific collaborations with other colleges and scientific research entities at the national and international levels.
  4. Provide research consultation for governmental and private organizations working in the area of health care.
  5. Encourage and support scientific publications in peer-review journals.

Application for research projects in the website of King AbdulAziz City for Science and Technology

Faculty publication:

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Contact details: 

Dr. Ashraf Y. Albrakati – Head of the Unit


Dr. Anwar Shams – Vice Head of the Unit