Based on it being a branch of Um Al-Qura University in the city of Taif, a Royal order was issued to transform it into an independent university based on Royal Approval No. 7/B/22042, dated 5/10/1424 AH corresponding to 7/9/2003 AD under the name “Taif University”, and thus the stage began. A new and promising administrative and academic position in the history of the university, as the relevant committees worked to develop the structure of the university and begin establishing many modern colleges, the first of which was the College of Medicine, Boys’ Section.

Within two years, the College of Medicine received its first batch at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 1426-1427 AH with a number of (86) students and continued to grow by receiving new batches year after year with many stages of challenges and successes at various levels, and the result of that achievement was the graduation of the first batch in its history. By the end of the second semester of the academic year 1432-1433 AH.

The college is proud to be one of the first medical colleges in the Kingdom to adopt the “integrated system” in the academic curriculum, which later became the basic system in most colleges. Also recently obtained academic accreditation

The college is also proud of its leading group of employees in various basic and clinical medical specialties, many of whom are graduates of the college from various batches, and approximately (1,500) male and female students who aspire to serve their country and society to the fullest.

Our ambition remains high for excellence and giving.