Taif University was established by royal decree  to covert the Taif Campus of Umm Al Qura University into an independent university on the basis of the supreme approval No. 7 / B / 22042 dated 10/5 / 1424H (2003). The relevant committees have begun to develop plans for the university basic structure and to develop new colleges, including the College of Medicine for boys and girls in two separate campuses. The College of Medicine at Taif University is one of the most modern medical colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that began to admitt students in 2003/2004 . It uses the most advanced methods of medical education adopted by globally accredited medical colleges. In line with the role played by Taif University in supporting educational and health processes, and aiming to achieve a prominent position among local and international institutions, the College of Medicine has adopted plans for the renewal and improvement of curricula, such as adoption of the integrated system and the development of teaching methods and clinical training according to national and international standards.