Publication Bonus

Based on the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 to enhance research expertise and localize research work and improve its outputs to ensure the transformation of the knowledge economy and promote the steps of increasing the number of Saudi universities listed among the best universities in the International Classification.

Objectives of the Initiative:
Encouraging faculty members of the university to publish scientific classified databases.
Spreading the spirit of competition in research.
Improve the university's research arrangement between local, regional and international universities.
The importance of the initiative:
Enhancing research cooperation between the Deanship of Scientific Research and the  faculties of the university.
Raise the level of interest in the quality of scientific research.
Equivalent active faculty members.
Enrich the scientific arena with the quality researches.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant should be a faculty member at Taif University.
  2. The work submitted shall be completed during the period of work of the researcher at university.
  3. Referred to the researcher's affiliation to Taif University must be taken into acount as Taif University, Saudi Arabia.
  4. The researcher who summits the application must be the First Author.
  5. The published research is not supported by any internal or external entity.
  6. The publication of the scientific paper should be in article with a website and the abstract of the same research should be published on the website of the electronic article.
  7. The journal should be included in ISI or SCOPUS databases at the time of applying for the equivalent.
  8. The research must be published within the period specified by the committee to apply for the reward and after the date of the announcement of the reward. Any requests for the equivalent of publication of any research published before January 2019 will not be accepted.
  9. Scientific secretariat should not be recorded on the researchers.
  10. The research should not exceed the permissible plagiarism rate applied in the Scientific Council and the Deanship of Scientific Research.
  11. Research is not accepted as short communication, letter to editor or proceeding paper.
  12. The research should be from original research, not derived from a master's or doctorate thesis, or from any published scientific publication.

Submission mechanism:

  1. The main researcher should apply personally on the reward website and fill in the reward data.
  2. Upload a complete copy of the research manuscript in a PDF format to the website.
  3. Fill out the application form for publishing a scientific publication bonus (printed on the computer), please note forms filled in by hand are not accepted.
  4. Attach the appointment letter to the university.
  5. Fill out the report form of the faculty examination committee on the application of the criteria for the research rules in the scientific discovery program adopted in the scientific council at its fifth session held on (8/2/1440).
  6. Fill out the “Acknowledgment” form for the research submitted for the purpose of disbursement of the reward, according to which no previous support for the published research has been received.

Award value

  • Science OR Nature     50,000SR   
  • Q1(ISI)                          8,000SR
  • Q2,3,4(ISI)                    4,000SR
  • Scopus                          2,000SR   

To apply, please press here