The alumni unit at the Faculty of Medicine, Taif University, aims to work on building channels of communication between the college and its graduates, among graduates themselves and the graduates with current college students, strengthen the alumni’s relationship with the college, and build a continuously updated database for the college’s graduates.

Excellence in professional development and career support for Taif University’s medical students and graduates.




Role modeling.


The alumni unit at the Faculty of Medicine, Taif University, aims to:
Provide the graduates with news of the college and updates in their field of specialization in order to develop their knowledge and scientific skills.
Follow up the conditions of graduate students and update our database on the jobs they are holding in the public and private sectors in addition to the academic degrees they have obtained from inside and outside the Kingdom.


Establishing a channel for communication between the college of medicine and its graduates to assess their needs and interests and facilitate the graduates’ involvement and collaboration.
Exploring job opportunities in the private and governmental sectors in Saudi Arabia as well as abroad and cooperating with them to facilitate the joining of the college graduates in their institutions.
Encouraging graduates and college students’ communication to enhance collaboration among current and future alumni.
Providing professional and career counseling services to graduating students and alumni.


Building various communication channels to enhance the graduate's relationship with the college.
Building a database of college graduates in different years.
Providing graduates with continuous news of the college and new specializations to develop their levels and scientific skills.
Following up the status of graduates in the Kingdom and abroad.
Build upon the alumni various expertise to get their feedback an opinions on programs and study plans.
Encourage alumni to participate in the various activities of the college.