Development and Academic Accreditation


Achieving excellence and leadership in the field of development and quality of medical education among medical schools in Saudi Arabia.
The development unit of Taif college of Medicine seeks to implement and follow up the quality standards and achieve academic excellence of the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery program and qualify it to obtain local and international accreditation. 


1. Preparing the College to meet the requirements and standards of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA)
2. Establishing the idea of planning and follow-up.
3. Establishing the idea of self-evaluation.
4. Establishing the philosophy of continuous quality improvement through PDCA cycle.
5. Achieve the satisfaction and expectations of students, employees and beneficiaries of the services of the College

Tasks and responsibilities

1. Effective communication with the Deanship of University Development to receive technical support
2. To consolidate the culture of development and quality in college and follow up activities supporting them
3. Follow-up quality work of the academic programs
4. Verification of the implementation of quality systems and standards of academic accreditation at the College
5. Supervising a database that includes all the inputs, processes and outputs of the college and its consistency and renewal of of the college site in the university system
6. Review the data, information and documents related to the fulfillment of the academic accreditation requirements and evidence for all academic programs in the college.
7. Prepare periodic reports on the progress of academic accreditation and performance indicators for the college programs and submit them to the Deanship of University Development.
8. To verify the availability of improvement and development plans for all quality and accreditation activities.

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