Infection control and public health



Providing a safe environment to reduce the risk of infection and limit its spread.


The Infection Control Committee at the College of Medicine seeks to provide a safe environment for all students and employees of the College Medicine at Taif University through the participation of everyone in protecting themselves and others from the risk of infection transmission, in a manner that achieves the lowest level of risk.


Training and educating students and employees of the College of Medicine at Taif University on the application of infection control policies and making them an integral part of daily health practice to prevent infection transmission within the College of Medicine, as well as educating them about the importance of following infection control instructions to prevent the spread of infection within the college.

  • Setting goals and policies for infection control within the college Follow up on taking preventive and precautionary measures
  • Spread awareness of the ways of transmission of infection and how to prevent it
  • Providing technical support for the application and auditing of the infection control system for the faculty’s employees
  • Establishing policies regulating the attendance study and examinations for medical students’ mission