student activity unit

About the Unit:

The Student Activities and Community Service Unit at the College of Medicine, Taif University, is a specialized department dedicated to developing students' skills and expanding their horizons through a variety of activities and programs. This unit aims to effectively integrate students into the community through participation in volunteer initiatives and awareness programs that contribute to improving public health and well-being.



The unit aspires to be a leader among universities in developing a comprehensive student personality and making an effective contribution to community service and public health promotion.



The unit is committed to providing medical students with exceptional educational and developmental opportunities through student activities and community initiatives that enhance their personal and professional skills and motivate them to positively contribute to society.



1. **Developing Personal and Professional Skills of Students:** By providing training programs and workshops that enhance communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.

2. **Promoting Health Awareness:** Through organizing health awareness campaigns targeting the local community to raise awareness about important public health issues.

3. **Encouraging Community Participation:** By implementing volunteer initiatives that contribute to solving community problems and improving the quality of life.

4. **Developing Students' Research Capabilities:** By involving them in research projects that serve the community and enhance their scientific knowledge and capabilities.

5. **Fostering a Sense of Belonging and Social Responsibility:** Among students by promoting their understanding of the importance of community service and their role as active members of society.