Academic Advising Unit


        That Advising unit should be a leader in guiding and educating college students consistent with their scientific capabilities, and future practical orientations.

The Message:

       Providing academic Advising services to students to help them interact with the plans, study programs, activities of the college, and preparing them in a distinct way to compete at the local level.

Governing Values :

        The College Advising Unit seeks to confirm the following set of values:

  1- Embedding moral values.

  2- Maximizing teamwork.

  3- Deepening the spirit of belonging.

  4- Devoting work to serving society.



  1- Introduce students to academic college programs.

  2- Helping students to discover themselves to make their decisions, especially 

     regard to choosing the appropriate specialization for their inclinations  

     inclinations, abilities and overcome difficulties in their academic path.

 3- Introduce students to the most important laws regulating academic affairs,

     such as semester average, GPA, the way they are calculated, the persistence

     the mechanisms for apologizing for the semester, and how to pass the tests

     with the highest estimates.

   4- Discover students abilities, their tendencies scientific, practical. 

  5- Creating positive changes in students ’behavior towards their social values,  

     cultural, professional, and other values. ​​

  6- Helping students psychologically and socially through qualified people in the

     psychological and social fields.

  7- Explain how to obtain high estimates and requirements for that,

    as well as to introduce other services that help students in that.

   8- Providing the necessary academic support for students during

    their scientific career in order to achieve the ease of study plan and the

    completion of its requirements during the specified time period.

   9- Enhancing the love of belonging to the country, the university

    and the college.



1. Welcoming the new students on the first day of study and explain to them

    the college and university system.

2. Distribute the students fairly, according to specialization, among faculty  


3. General supervision on academic advisor and follow the cases    

   raised to them.

4. Receive cases sent to the Unit from the academic advisor and solve its 


5. Instruct the advisor to prepare and update the academic  Advising Record 

    file for each student as the advisor opens a special file for each student in

    the group includes the registered courses, the level of the student’s’ grades in it, includes the GPA as well as the report of periodic meetings between 

    the advisor and the student in addition to any reports or warnings directed 

    from course through which the student's level can be assessed.

6. Instruct the advisor to organize periodic interviews at least once at the

   beginning of each semester. 

7. Helping students how to make the most out of the college’s

   e-learning site, encouraging them to make use of the library,  

   manage the time effectively, participate in academic activities

   and summer activities.

8. Follow up on academic advisor on the external system and

   respond to the student inquiries.

9. Introducing the students to the regulations and laws on campus.

10. Introducing the students to the disciplinary regulations and what is related

     to absence and warnings.   

12. Helping students to discover themselves, motivate them academically,

     psychologically and behaviorally through  all stages of his university career

13. Follow up the performance of students who are failing in studying to put  

     effective solutions to remove the causes of academic failure and improve their levels.


Organizational structure of the unit




Head of Academic Guidance Unit

Dr. Saiyer S. Saiyer Aljaed


Secretary and coordinator of the administration department

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sayed Issa


Coordinator of Economics and Finance Department

Prof. Dr. Reda Saleh Abdel-Baqi


Coordinator of Economics and Finance Department

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Aal Mashaal


Coordinator of Accounting

Dr. Emad Mohammad Riyad


Coordinator of Information Systems Department

Dr. Adnan Awwad Al-Shawabkeh


Coordinator of Marketing

Dr. Hassan Abdul Rahim Al-Zubair