Quality Assurance and Accreditation


Guide the faculty of Medicine to achieve the international standards of quality assurance consistent with the vision of the faculty.
Possess quality measures in continuous development and improvement to raise the efficiency of educational performance and services of the faculty of Medicine at Taif University consistent with the mission of the faculty to gain the trust of community in the graduates of Medicine through compliance with international standards and to   the province of Taif area.
Strategic Goals of Quality assurance and Academic accreditation
  1. Prepare the faculty to get to the standard of national committee for quality assurance and accreditation.
  2. Promote a culture of quality and institutional academic responsibility.
  3. Prepare the guidelines for the technical and administrative Departments to assure the quality and accreditation.
  4. Training the staff on institutional and self-evaluation for quality assurance and accreditation.
  5. Establishment databases and information system for all academic and administrative units useful for decision making to improve the quality of educational and learning process.
  6. Developing the abilities and skills of faculty members and improve their performance to achieve the best level for beneficiaries.
  7. Develop the appropriate mechanism to evaluate both the faculty staff members and administrative system and prepare the appropriate forms for that purpose.
  8. Identify the needs, expectation and requirement of beneficiaries’ satisfaction.
  9. Find the channels of communication and coordination between the units and the relevant authorities to exchange knowledge and experiences.
  10. Formation of committees related to quality and accreditation in the unit and follow up the implementation of its work in academic and administrative departments.
  11. Develop the skills of students for gaining the knowledge and communication and employing the technology in conducting medical research.
  12. Continuous monitoring of development process of educational and learning process in the college according to the regulation to achieve the quality and accreditation.
  13. Develop the self-abilities of the faculty to conduct the assessment and evaluation of self analysis according to the standard of national commission of quality assurance and accreditation.
  14. Participation in higher education project  the quality of  assurance of Medical education and health care.