Honoring distinguished female and male researchers at the College of Medicine

date of publication : 2023-06-20

In a ceremony attended by a group of faculty members and staff of the College of Students,  Prof. Majid Almourgi, Dean of the College, honored distinguished researchers. The honoring included the most published and most cited researchers in the various departments.

Department of Anatomy and Histology

  • Dr. Ashraf Al-Barakati
  • Prof. Hossam Othman

Department of Microbiology

  • Dr. Dhaifallah Al-Aboud (Department Head)
  • Prof. Ahmed S. Abdel Moneim
  • Dr. Mohammad A. Al-Blihd

Department of Pharmacology

  • Dr. Anwar Shams

Department of Pathology,

  • Dr. Ghalia Al-Nafaie,
  • Prof. Ayman Maghawry Al-Kenawy
  • Prof. Basem El-Essawy.

Department of Surgery

  • Dr. Mohammed E. Mahfouz
  • Dr. Abdullah Al-Sawat
  • Dr. Muhammad Basra
  • Dr. Khaled Al-Zahrani. 

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Prof. Nisreen Aref Al-Bazrah
  • Dr. Effat Omran Nazir.

Department of Physiology

  • Prof. Asmaa Farghaly Hassan Muhammad

Department of Community Medicine

  • Dr. Wijdan Abdul Rahim Al-Otaibi