Honoring Students who won the cultural and religious competitions in the Foundation Olympiad

date of publication : 2023-06-20

Prof. Dr. Majid Almourgi, the college dean, honored the male and female students who won the Foundation Olympiad. The student Jamal Amin Bukhari (whole memorization of the holey Qur’an) and the student Anas Amin Bukhari (ten parts) won second place in the Holy Qur’an memorization competition. The student Abdullah Ahmed Al-Zahrani won the first place in the recitation competition and the second place in the individual cultural competition. The student Afrah Awad Al-Harthy won the animation competition. The student Osama Hassan Al-Sayed won the second place in the Arabic calligraphy competition. Ishraq Tayel Al-Khadidi won the third place in the explain competition. Third place in the individual debate competition.