The objectives of the center are as follows:

1) Expanding partnerships and developing cooperation with all local and regional institutions in order to achieve development and progress for society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2) Directing the applied and advisory research activity at the university in accordance with the requirements of development and the knowledge society in all fields.

3) Building links between the university and the public and private sectors by providing research, advisory and study services for them in return for financial consideration, which is beneficial to both parties.

4) Marketing of the university's research and advisory services to the public and private sectors, inside and outside the Kingdom.

5) Attracting the financial funding channels available in the Kingdom and abroad to support the large research and advisory projects that the center will carry out.

6) Representing the university in companies or commercial projects that it establishes or participates in in a way that guarantees its rights.

7) Developing mechanisms for effective integration between the financial capabilities of the university and encouraging competition and coordination between research teams within the university, which leads to the highest return on material and human resources, especially the capabilities and competencies of faculty members at the university.

8) The center shall have the exclusive authority to conclude agreements and enhance cooperation between the parties inside and outside the university in the field of work of the center.