Contractual Research

Contract Research Unit

Th contract unit provides research and applied studies aimed at finding solutions to scientific problems related to the beneficiaries in the public and private sectors, as requested by the authority, through one or more faculty members or expert houses at the university.


Unit condition :

The contract can be done either through the offers made by the center to the beneficiary member  or the invitations and tenders offered by these specialist member .


The center, through the human and technical capabilities of the university, contributes to finding innovative solutions based on the database available to the center on specialized faculty members who have expressed their desire to conduct contractual projects by filling in a data form on the center's website.


This service is available to various parties outside the university to contract with specialists from the university’s faculty members to conduct the studies that these bodies need in various medical, engineering, educational, social and economic fields, and in the fields of technology, environment, urban planning and other innovative and non-traditional studies.