The conditions of the expert houses are summarized as follows:

1-  House expertise president should be a Saudi faculty member at the university.

2- The members of the house  should be members of the university’s faculty or staff. In additon, the president has the right to seek the assistance of experts from outside the university such as the public or private sectors.

2- Members of the house should be experienced and qualified in the field of work of the House of Expertise.

3- The internal affairs of the House of expertise are under the responsibility of its head in determining the tasks of the members and paying their remunerations and other things, provided that the center is provided with copies of the contracts concluded between the president and the members.

4- The work in  should not conflict with the burdens and academic duties of the faculty members.

5- The contracts concluded by the expert house and the beneficiaries are considered binding by the expert house, provided that all of its provisions are implemented in a manner befitting the reputation of the university.

6- The House of expertise has the right to benefit from the university’s capabilities, such as equipment, halls, etc., provided that coordination is done with the center and the costs involved are paid.

7- Ensuring the involvement of students and employing them to work in the house.

8- Research and consultation center must be involved to all contracts entered into by the Expert House with the beneficiary parties.

9- The center's expertise houses unit evaluates the performance of the expert house annually and submits a recommendation to the center's council to renew the contract or not.

10 - The unit follows up on the work of the house and ensures that the house fulfills all of its tasks listed in the contract at any time during the implementation of the project.

11- In the event that the expert house fails to carry out the tasks included in the contract with external parties, the center has the right to direct the contract to another expert house, and this will result in the recovery of all the amounts spent on the expert house from the beneficiary.