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The research of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology is focused on the molecular diagnosis of different foe pathogens and how that host's immune system interact with them.  In recent years, the Department has extends its research scope to genetic markers that affect host susceptibility in addition to developing of new antimicrobial agents. The department is interactive with collaboration with different hospitals and medical centers in the Western Area of KSA.

On the side of the microorganism, we study the molecular evolution of viruses (respiratory and enteric viruses) and bacteria (ESBL and MRSA), and how the mutation of such organisms affect their virulence and existence in the environment. Immunobiology of malaria and Schistosoma was also among the research areas that are currently studied in the department, and asking questions such as how do different immunostimulants could affect these organisms? How do they deal with the host's potent immune response?