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The research of the Department of Biochemistry is focused on understanding the pathogenesis and the molecular basis of different diseases as well as using different and new techniques in the field of laboratory medicine. The department is interactive with collaboration with different hospitals and medical centers in the Western Area of KSA.

At the department of Biochemistry, we examine the concentrations of different body metabolites, proteins, lipids, vitamins, hormones, trace elements, enzyme activities, coagulation abilities of blood. We are mainly analyzing blood samples, urine, and other body fluids.
In the field of Medical Biochemistry, the Department has extended its research scope to genetic markers, tumor markers and other biomarkers found in the blood, other body fluids and tissues, which can help in determining what kind of disease the patient has or is at risk of getting it, the prognosis of the disease, the kind of treatment to be given in each case, and how the patient responds to this treatment.
We also do research on inflammation, coagulation, leukemia, endocrinology, metabolism, inborn metabolic diseases, mitochondria function, DNA gene polymorphism and gene expression analysis.In addition to studying the biological and therapeutic effects of natural compounds.