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The Anatomy Department is one of the main pillars of the College of Medicine, where the Department teaches and conducts researches in the field of the anatomical and embryological sciences, which are the fundamental basis of clinical medical sciences. During the educational track, the Anatomy Department teaches the sciences related to the composition of the human body and its various organs at the levels of gross anatomy and microscopic studies (Histology & Cytology), as well as general and special embryology, both theoretically and practically, according to the requirements of the educational plan.

The Anatomy Department, College of Medicine, teaches courses on the gross anatomy, histology, and cytology according to the educational plan for the students of the colleges of pharmacy and dentistry.

Creativity in learning and integrative and professional education in anatomical sciences for the health sciences students.

The Anatomy Department is committed to providing high standard education in human anatomical sciences to support the understanding of the clinical problems in the context of the integrated curriculum. The department is, also, committed to active participation in the field of medical education, scientific research and community service.

Achieve outstanding teaching performance in both practical and theoretical aspects of anatomical sciences.
Use information and communication technology to improve the quality of learning.
Provide Anatomy laboratories and supply them with modern equipment to ensure the integration of the student with the educational process.
Achieve international standards of academic accreditation through the practice of total quality requirements.