Job Opportunities

Our graduates have many career chances in one of the following companies and authorities:

  • The Unified Saudi Company for Electricity (SCECO)
  • The Saudi Telcom Company
  • The construction and contracting companies
  • The consulting and engineering offices
  • The military occupations management
  • The Saudi Commission for the engineers
  • The institutes and universities
  • The Saudi Company for Basic Industries (SABIC)
  • The industry
  • The Saudi airlines
  • The Saudi Arabia Aramco company
  • All engineering administrations in the governmental authorities
  • The project operation and maintenance administrations in the governmental authorities

Moreover, they have chances in different engineering administrations in the following ministries:

  • The Ministry of Defense and airlines
  • The Ministry of Interior
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and water
  • The Ministry of transportations
  • The Ministry of Water and Electricity
  • The Ministry of Education
  • The Ministry of Municipal and villages affairs