Electrical Engineering at Taif University

The Council for Higher Education issued Resolution No. 14/35/1426 on January 18, 1426 H, to establish the College of Engineering at Taif University, which includes the department of Electrical Engineering. The College commenced its academic activities in the first semester of 1428/1429 H, offering programs in both mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The number of new preparatory year students during this semester was 106.

In 2012, the program underwent a revision to include a university-wide preparatory year program. However, as of now, there have been no graduates from the revised 2012 program. The program is currently being modernized based on a review of curricula from leading international universities and the IEEE standards.

The undergraduate electrical engineering program provides a comprehensive range of courses in engineering. Students have the opportunity to tailor their degree by selecting subjects in communication skills to suit their specific career interests. Our undergraduate programs cover various areas of electrical engineering, with a special emphasis on meeting the specific needs of industries. Our goal is to equip our graduates with the skills to address societal needs through the practical application of engineering principles. This includes the design, analysis, and synthesis of electrical, communication, and electronic components, circuits, and systems. Our graduates are prepared to become proficient problem solvers, lifelong learners, innovators, and professionals in all fields of electrical engineering.