The classroom facilities used for our instructional program are excellent as they are fully equipped with a white board, a beamer, a sliding board and fully air conditioned as shown in next figures.

There are two types of classrooms: Smart rooms and Laboratory rooms

Smart rooms: are located in a separate building few tens of meters away from the Electrical Engineering department and on two floors. These rooms are used for large audience and theoretical courses. These are located in the first and second floor with all the facilities for large audience conferences, presentations, and workshops.

Figure: Classrooms with Approximately 30 Students

Laboratory rooms: These are located closer to the Electrical Engineering head office. They are also fully equipped with a white board, data show, PC, printing and scanning facilities, and of course air conditioning. These rooms are dedicated to practical courses and laboratory works. They can also be used for workshops and small audience presentations.

Figure: Laboratory room with Approximately 20 Students