Taif University International distinguished researchers





1- Boris i. Yakobson

Position: Professor

Specialty: Nanoscience

Project Title:  Theoretical and Computational investigation of the key nanostructured materials, their potential properties, behaviors and guidance to improved syntheses.

2. Charis M. Galanakis

  • Position         :  Professor
  • Specialty       :  Agricultural Sciences
  • Project          :  Recovery of bioactive compounds from date fruit and its  processing by-products and their reutilization in foods.



3- R. Saravanan 

Position   : Professor

Specialty : Materials Science (PHYSICS)

Project    :

1. Nanostructured functional materials for photophysics,and surface chemistry

2. Nanocatalysts for renewable energy and wastewater purification.

4- Arivalagan Pugazhendhi

Position   : Professor

Specialty : Environmental Biotechnology

Project    : Water treatment and waste recycling.


Position   : Professor

Specialty : Food process engineering

Project    : Cold plasma technologies for agri-food sustainability


6- P. Senthil Kumar

Position   : Professor

Specialty : Chemical Engineering

Project    :  Wastewater Treatment and Alternative Fuels.

7- Muhammad Mohsin

Position   : Professor

Specialty : Finance and Economics

Project    :  Nexus between energy efficiency and electricity reforms: A DEA-Based way forward for clean power development.

8. Aytuğ Onan

Position   : Professor

Specialty : Computer Engineering

Project    : Text augmentation approaches for NLP