Patent Awards

Conditions for obtaining the patent awards initiative

1- The applicant must be a faculty member or a student at Taif University.

2- The applicant for the patent award should be the first researcher in the patent.

3- At least 50% of the participating team should be from Taif University.

4- Priority support for ideas related to the university's research priorities.

5- The idea should be applicable and have a social or economic impact.

6- The patent must be registered in one of the following centers:

مكتب الاختراعات والماركات التجارية بالولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

United States Patent and Trademark Office

مكتب الاختراعات باليابان

Japan Patent Office

المكتب الأوروبي للاختراعات

European Patent Office

الهيئة السعودية للملكية الفكرية

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property








7- The submitted work must have been completed during the period of work or study of the inventor at the Taif University.

8- The inventor's affiliation with Taif University, Saudi Arabia must be indicated. Taif University must also be mentioned as the owner of intellectual property rights (for example Assignee)

9- The inventor must not have problem so far with scientific integrity.

Proposed amounts for the Patent Awards Initiative:

• 20,000 riyals will be reward for registering a patent

• The Taif University will provide the patent registration fees, if any, with a maximum amount of 50,000 riyals for registered patents (invoices must be attached).