About the university dental Hospital

About the University Dental Hospital (UDH):

The university dental hospital (UDH) which affiliated by the Faculty of Dentistry at Taif University is one of the university hospitals that provide dental services in the Kingdom, considered as the third university dental hospital in the region of Mecca, and the first teaching dental hospital in Taif city. The UDH provides comprehensive educational, training and consulting services based on academic foundations and scientific evidence to achieve the highest quality standards for patients and students trainees.


Establishment of University Dental Hospital UDH:

The UDH was established and approved for operation in the year 1436 AH / 2017, thus the UDH become part of the system of professional medical and clinical training facilities under TU health colleges. Establishment of the UDH comes from the community high demanding for the field of dentistry, and the aim for supporting the training process for dental students and trainees, leading to well-trained nationally graduated dentists, scientifically and practically qualified in accordance to Kingdom's Vision 2030.


Location of UDH:

The UDH building numbered with No. (10), adjacent to the Faculty of Dentistry Building No. (11), at Prince Sultan Medical Complex where located in Al-Hawiya area north of Taif city. The total area of the UDH is ​​1,000 square meter, and a capacity of 36 modern dental clinics considered as a first phase of the hospital project. There are 20 clinics are currently under construction as part of the expansion and development plan of the UDH.



UDH Unit:

The hospital building consists of one ground floor, which includes the current general clinics in addition to specialty clinics, waiting halls, meeting, and lecture hall for 80 people. The building also contains different units:

1) Reception and appointment 

2) Patient relations 

3) Digital Imaging and radiology

4) Central sterilization 

5) Information technology and support

6) General maintenance and medical maintenance 

6) Dental storing and medical supplies

7) Dental laboratories 


Eligibility for treatment in UDH:

Dental services provided by the UDH are for all community levels including Saudi citizen and non-Saudi resident alike. Dental care providers and faculty members directly supervise the treatment training process for students, in addition to the practice of faculty members as consultants, specialists, fellows, and intern dentists. (For more information, please contact the receptionist and appointment service)

The hospital provides dental care in the following specialties:

1) Prosthodontics (restoring missing teeth)

2) Endodontics (root canal treatment)

3) Operative dentistry (fillings and caries control)

4) Pediatric dentistry

5) Orthodontics

6) Periodontics (treatment of tooth surrounding tissues)

7) Oral medicine

Contact us : 

Dr. Mohammed Sami Felimban BDS MDS OFP

Clinical Director of University Dental Clinics

+966127255001 (Ext. 2157)

Email: m.felimban@tudent.edu.sa

Mr. Abdul Rahman Hamed Al-Aoufi

Reception and Appointment Services Officer

+966127255001 (Ext. 2262)

Email: aoufi@tudent.edu.sa

Mr. Abdul Aziz Murdad Al-Talhi

Director of Patient Relations

+966127255001 (Ext. 2597)

Email: a.t.22@tudent.edu.sa

Eng. Imran Hamid

Senior Project Manager, IT unit

+966127255001 (Ext. 2274)

Email: imran@tudent.edu.sa