Academic Guidance

The academic advising unit at the college continuously monitors the condition of the students and provides them with assistance in all fields through the unit and academic advisors from the faculty members, especially those students who have academic problems, whether on the educational or psychological level, by solving these problems or referring them to specialists in that matter.


Duties of the Committee:


• Supervising the registration process for academic subjects, and following the requirements and procedures for registering, deleting and adding subjects.

• Helping students understand the nature of curricula and courses.

• Helping students determine appropriate course choices.

• Follow up on the files of students who are struggling or expected to be struggling and develop appropriate plans for them.

• Following up on the files of outstanding students and urging them to continue their excellence and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way, as well as encouraging them through their own programs.

• Distribution of students among the faculty members of the college.

• Preparing new academic advisors.

• Follow up on students’ academic achievement and guide them academically and educationally.

• Organizing guidance meetings and workshops organizing the guidance process.

Preparing forms and files for academic advising.


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