Faculty of Engineering at Taif University Visits King Abdulaziz Center for the Holy Kaaba Kiswa

date of publication : 2019-01-31
The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Taif organized a scientific visit program for its students to King Abdulaziz Center for the Holy Kaaba Kiswa (Cover) in Makah, The trip was organized on Thursday, 11/5/1440 AH, under the supervision of  Dr.Fatima Salem Bayouns ,
The trip came as a part of the Committee’s activities that aim at identifying the stages of manufacturing the Kaaba cover, tincturing of the materials and different lab analysis to the students. 
It also included a tour in the Belt, Manual Textile, Automatic Textile, and Dyehouse departments.
The students learned about the stages of the manufacture of the Holy Kaaba cover by touring in the plant’s departments and listened to a detailed explanation from the supervisors of the factory.
At the reception, Mr. Salem Ahmed Ba'adris, the deputy of the King Abdul Aziz Center for the Kaaba, Mr. Ahmed Ba'anter, Head of Public Relations at the Center he distributed gifts from the General Presidency of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Mr. Hamza Ayouni from Public Relations Who introduced the factory sections by tour including the belt section, the manual weaving section, the automatic fabric, and the grinder. The students listened during the tour to a detailed explanation about the sections of the factory and the technical development that it witnessed until it reached this level. It also explained the history of the manufacture of the Kaaba covering and the raw materials used in its manufacture and saw pictures that tell the stages of the Kaaba garment industry. On the cladding industry and the development stages of the industry.