Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Unit

 1- Introduction

 The Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Unit is affiliated with the College's Agency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, which is interested in providing qualified scientific cadres in various educational and research disciplines, in addition to following up on scientific research within the college and the university.

2- Vision

The Unit aims to work closely with the engineering and technological development in the field of graduate studies and scientific research in the world, especially in the specialized fields of engineering that serve the industry sector, technology and the surrounding environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3- Mission

The mission of the Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Unit of the College is to achieve the mission of the Faculty of Engineering and Taif University in the field of graduate studies and scientific research by attracting distinguished graduates who wish to complete their higher studies in the various specialized fields of engineering as well as supporting the faculty departments with distinguished scientific and research faculty members. To solve scientific and industrial problems facing development plans in Saudi Arabia. The unit also seeks to develop the skills and training of graduate cadres to help and innovate in the field of scientific research.

 4- Objectives

  1. Establishing databases for faculty members and their scientific and research specialties.
  2. Establishment of databases and classification of internal and external funded research projects and scientific publication.
  3. Holding seminars, workshops and international conferences in specialized engineering fields that serve the industry, technology and development sector in the Kingdom.
  4. Providing technical support for writing research projects and scientific researches and contributing in publishing them according to scientific and research methodology.
  5. Holding local and international protocols with internal and external universities to serve the postgraduate and research sector.
  6. Provide technical support for new and distinguished graduate programs.
  7. Establishing specialized research centers in the college and exchanging experiences with similar external research centers.
  8. Preparation of the plan of graduate studies and scientific research in the college based on the suggestions of the departmental councils and follow up the implementation of this plan in different sections.
  9. Coordinate scientific research between the different departments of the faculty and work to stimulate joint research between them to cooperate in solving scientific problems.
  10. Prepare a draft budget for scientific research in the college and distribute it according to the proposed programs and develop general regulations for the manner of disposition of its various items and work to provide the necessary capabilities for the implementation of scientific research programs.
  11. Extending cooperation between the departments of the college and the external industrial sector to link scientific research with industry and the surrounding environment.