About College (Introduction)

The resolution of the Council for Higher Education No.14/35/1426 and date 18/1/1426 H was issued to establish the Faculty of Engineering , Taif University, to include Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering departments. The University Council at its second meeting , held on 23/3/1429 H decided to establish civil engineering department, and such decision was ratified by H. E. Acting Minister of Higher Education according to the letter No. 579 / A and date 14/4/1429 H .The study in the Faculty began in the first semester of 1428/1429 H and the number of students enrolled in the preparatory year was (69) students. During the first semester of 1429/1430 H students attended mechanical engineering and electrical engineering departments, and the number of new preparatory year students was (106) students. Therefore, the Faculty of Engineering is considered as one of the modern Faculties and is still under construction and commissioning.

The Faculty of Engineering prepares specialized cadres in different fields of engineering required by the Kingdom . This is satisfied by establishment of programs and developed curriculum to keep pace with global developments. In addition it pays attention to scientific research and exchange of experiences and scientific advisory service to the issues of development. Also, the Faculty of engineering works on closer scientific relationship with Faculties of engineering in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and foreign countries.​