Early Childhood


Program Mission:
- Preparing specialized national competencies competing locally in the field of early childhood that contribute to community service.


2.1 Program Objectives:
1- Providing high-quality distinguished education to prepare specialized competencies in the field of early childhood. 
2- Upgrading the education system in the program in order to achieve professional and cognitive development for students in the field of early childhood.
3- Enhancing professional ethics, continuous learning, and professional and future skills among students.
4- Developing the capabilities of female faculty members in the fields of professional, research and community service.
5- Strengthening the infrastructure, support services and support systems provided to students in the program.
6- Supporting partnership with early childhood institutions and schools in the local community.


List of program highlights and awards:
academic activities;
- The first batch of students of the early childhood program graduated in 1444 AH, and it included (354.)  Freshman
- Employing (14%) of the program's graduates last year.
- Developing the study plan for the early childhood program and its components during the year 1443-1444 AH.
- to represent indications of the quality of the program or the achievement of the program's objectives towards its development).
- Updating the vision and mission of the program.
- The program is considered a pioneer in its specialty, as it has been developed to include the primary grades as well as the kindergarten stage. 
- The rate of female students' satisfaction  with the program's achievements is (56%). 
Community Activities:
- Cooperating with the Department of Education in field training for students of the program.
- Courses offered in cooperation with the Department of Education.
- The Advisory Committee consists of faculty members, employers (early childhood director, teachers, mentors and principals), students and graduates.


Student Activities:
- The program has distinguished itself in providing various community services.
- Active student participation in curricular and extracurricular activities.
- Student clubs (where is my childhood).
- Student Advisor Initiative.
- Students receive a range of training courses and workshops through the Maharat platform.


Research Activities:
- A research paper was published in an ISI global journal.
- A number of scientific research papers have been published in specialized scientific journals and periodicals.
- Participated in attending some scientific conferences in the field of specialization and the field of scientific research.


Early Childhood Department:

The Kindergarten division of the Faculty of Education was established on the approval of the University Council in 1412, and the Leadership and Education policy Section was tasked with supervising it, and in the same year it began the actual admission of female students, and this division is growing and developing, and after the generous guidance of the rector of the university to return Structuring of the various faculties and departments, the generous and honorable approval was issued on the date of 18/1/1426 to transform this division into a separate section, and on 16/7/1439 the recommendation of the secretariat of the University Council to change the name of kindergarten section to the Department of Early childhood within the system of college departments in this university Developed by Allah Almighty.

Degrees awarded by the Department:

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood
  • Diploma of nurseries

Contact information for the Department:
• Postal address: Taif-Taif University-Faculty of Education-  Department of Early Childhood

 -P.O. Box: 888 al-Hayah-Taif 21944.

• Email: tu.2030@outlook.sa 


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